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Product Security Incident Response Teams (PSIRT)

Rapid Vulnerability Triage

When you come across a potential vulnerability, whether it's reported or discovered internally, you need swift and accurate assessment. This is where our engine comes in. It helps you quickly determine the severity and impact of the vulnerability, thanks to its machine learning-driven analysis, which automatically identifies the vulnerability type and assigns a CVSS score. Moreover, it takes into account 3rd-party context, such as the existence of exploits and active exploitation, allowing you to prioritize your response effectively.

Enhanced Communication

Effective communication is paramount when it comes to managing vulnerabilities and security incidents. You must communicate seamlessly with customers, stakeholders, and the broader security community about vulnerabilities, patches, and remediation steps. We can enhance your communication efforts by providing you with clear insights into the severity and potential impact of vulnerabilities. It helps you craft informed and precise messages to convey the urgency of the situation and the necessary remediation steps. You can ensure that your communications are timely, accurate, and actionable, thereby maintaining transparency and trust with all parties involved.

Security Patching

Product Security Incident Response Teams (PSIRT) have the crucial task of developing and releasing security patches, updates, or fixes to address identified vulnerabilities. Having a prioritization technology at your disposal, you can work more efficiently and effectively. It can assist you in identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities, ensuring that you focus your efforts on the most critical ones. This means you can allocate your resources wisely and expedite the patch development process for vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk. It streamlines your patching workflow, reducing the time it takes to safeguard your products or services and minimizing exposure to potential threats.

Compliance Impact Analysis

Ensure that your services or products do not affect your organization's or customers compliance. PRIOn analyses the impact of a vulnerability accross a variety of compliance frameworks such as NIST, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPPA. This empowers you to address vulnerabilities while staying in line with regulatory requirements.