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For Managed Security Services Providers - MSSPs

Enhance Incident Cases with Vulnerability Data

As an Managed Security Services Provider, you can take advantage of our engine to enrich your incident cases. When you encounter security incidents for your clients, you can quickly incorporate valuable vulnerability data into your assessment. This includes details about the vulnerabilities that might have been exploited, their severity, and potential impact. By doing so, you provide your clients with a more comprehensive view of the incident, aiding in faster and more effective response.

Access Indicators of Compromise

Our vulnerability threat intelligence database includes indicators of compromise (IoC) for several vulnerabilities. These IoCs are critical in detecting security incidents and potential breaches. They include signs or patterns of suspicious activities, and having access to this data allows you to detect and respond to threats more effectively. This enhances your ability to provide top-notch security services to your customers, ensuring that any compromises are detected and addressed promptly, minimizing potential damage.

Stay Proactive with Customer Product notifications

Proactively safeguard your customers by setting up notifications for the products they use. This means that when new vulnerabilities related to the specific products your customers rely on are discovered, you receive instant notifications. These notifications enable you to act swiftly, assessing the risks and helping your customers patch or mitigate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Leverage MITRE ATT&CK Mapping

Mapping vulnerabilities to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework is a strategic advantage. It allows you to pinpoint at which specific stage of an attack they can be exploited. This association gives you a profound understanding of potential risks and threat scenarios, enabling you to provide clients with precise remediation recommendations. This approach fortifies your clients’ defenses against targeted attacks, while also enhancing your incident response readiness.