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CVE-2024-39699 Server side request forgery (ssrf)

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Directus is a real-time API and App dashboard for managing SQL database content. There was already a reported SSRF vulnerability via file import. It was fixed by resolving all DNS names and checking if the requested IP is an internal IP address. However it is possible to bypass this security measure and execute a SSRF using redirects. Directus allows redirects when importing file from the URL and does not check the result URL. Thus, it is possible to execute a request to an internal IP, for example to However, it is blind SSRF, because Directus also uses response interception technique to get the information about the connect from the socket directly and it does not show a response if the IP address is internal. This vulnerability is fixed in 10.9.3.

CWE: CWE-918
CVSS v2-
CVSS v35
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Server side request forgery (ssrf)

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CVSS v26.4
CVSS v39.1

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PCI DSS v3.2.1-6.5.8 - Improper Access Control

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WASC-19 - SQL Injection