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CVE-2024-39698 Cross site scripting

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electron-updater allows for automatic updates for Electron apps. The file `packages/electron-updater/src/windowsExecutableCodeSignatureVerifier.ts` implements the signature validation routine for Electron applications on Windows. Because of the surrounding shell, a first pass by `cmd.exe` expands any environment variable found in command-line above. This creates a situation where `verifySignature()` can be tricked into validating the certificate of a different file than the one that was just downloaded. If the step is successful, the malicious update will be executed even if its signature is invalid. This attack assumes a compromised update manifest (server compromise, Man-in-the-Middle attack if fetched over HTTP, Cross-Site Scripting to point the application to a malicious updater server, etc.). The patch is available starting from 6.3.0-alpha.6.

CWE: CWE-295
CVSS v2-
CVSS v37.5
Affected Vendors

Electron - (1)

Basic Analysis

Common vulnerability metrics

Vulnerabilty type as detected by PRIOnengine

Cross site scripting

CVSS Scores as calculated by PRIOnengine
CVSS v24.3
CVSS v35.9



No exploit code is reported to exist.

Active Exploitation

Vulnerability is not in CISA's Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) catalog. See the KEV Catalog

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Threat Actor Activity

No sightings of the vulnerability within threat reports.

Cybersecurity Frameworks

How the vulnerability maps against various cybersecurity frameworks

T1566.002 - Phishing (Spearphishing Link)
T1566 - Phishing
T1565.002 - Data Manipulation (Transmitted Data Manipulation)
T1562.010 - Impair Defenses (Downgrade Attack)
T1557 - Adversary-in-the-Middle
T1539 - Steal Web Session Cookie
T1498 - Network Denial of Service
T1190 - Exploit Public-Facing Application
T1189 - Drive-by Compromise
T1059 - Command and Scripting Interpreter

Compliance Impact

How the submited vulnerability affects compliance

PCI DSS v3.2.1-6.5.7 - Cross Site Scripting
PCI DSS v3.2.1-6.5.4 - Insecure Communications

Web Application Security Frameworks

Applicable if the issue likely affects a web application

WASC-8 - Cross Site Scripting