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CVE-2024-36930 Null pointer dereference

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In the Linux kernel, the following vulnerability has been resolved: spi: fix null pointer dereference within spi_sync If spi_sync() is called with the non-empty queue and the same spi_message is then reused, the complete callback for the message remains set while the context is cleared, leading to a null pointer dereference when the callback is invoked from spi_finalize_current_message(). With function inlining disabled, the call stack might look like this: _raw_spin_lock_irqsave from complete_with_flags+0x18/0x58 complete_with_flags from spi_complete+0x8/0xc spi_complete from spi_finalize_current_message+0xec/0x184 spi_finalize_current_message from spi_transfer_one_message+0x2a8/0x474 spi_transfer_one_message from __spi_pump_transfer_message+0x104/0x230 __spi_pump_transfer_message from __spi_transfer_message_noqueue+0x30/0xc4 __spi_transfer_message_noqueue from __spi_sync+0x204/0x248 __spi_sync from spi_sync+0x24/0x3c spi_sync from mcp251xfd_regmap_crc_read+0x124/0x28c [mcp251xfd] mcp251xfd_regmap_crc_read [mcp251xfd] from _regmap_raw_read+0xf8/0x154 _regmap_raw_read from _regmap_bus_read+0x44/0x70 _regmap_bus_read from _regmap_read+0x60/0xd8 _regmap_read from regmap_read+0x3c/0x5c regmap_read from mcp251xfd_alloc_can_err_skb+0x1c/0x54 [mcp251xfd] mcp251xfd_alloc_can_err_skb [mcp251xfd] from mcp251xfd_irq+0x194/0xe70 [mcp251xfd] mcp251xfd_irq [mcp251xfd] from irq_thread_fn+0x1c/0x78 irq_thread_fn from irq_thread+0x118/0x1f4 irq_thread from kthread+0xd8/0xf4 kthread from ret_from_fork+0x14/0x28 Fix this by also setting message->complete to NULL when the transfer is complete.

CWE: CWE-476
CVSS v2-
CVSS v35.5
Affected Vendors

Linux - (1)

Basic Analysis

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Vulnerabilty type as detected by PRIOnengine

Null pointer dereference

CVSS Scores as calculated by PRIOnengine
CVSS v25
CVSS v39.1

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No exploit code is reported to exist.

Active Exploitation

Vulnerability is not in CISA's Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) catalog. See the KEV Catalog

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Cybersecurity Frameworks

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T1499.004 - Endpoint Denial of Service (Application or System Exploitation)
T1203 - Exploitation for Client Execution
T1059 - Command and Scripting Interpreter

Compliance Impact

How the submited vulnerability affects compliance

PCI DSS v3.2.1-6.5.2 - Buffer Overflows

Web Application Security Frameworks

Applicable if the issue likely affects a web application