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CVE-2024-31216 Code injection

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The source-controller is a Kubernetes operator, specialised in artifacts acquisition from external sources such as Git, OCI, Helm repositories and S3-compatible buckets. The source-controller implements the API and is a core component of the GitOps toolkit. Prior to version 1.2.5, when source-controller was configured to use an Azure SAS token when connecting to Azure Blob Storage, the token was logged along with the Azure URL when the controller encountered a connection error. An attacker with access to the source-controller logs could use the token to gain access to the Azure Blob Storage until the token expires. This vulnerability was fixed in source-controller v1.2.5. There is no workaround for this vulnerability except for using a different auth mechanism such as Azure Workload Identity.

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T1133 - External Remote Services

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WASC-19 - SQL Injection