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Introducing PRIOn Knowledge Base (KB) REST API


While using KB’s front-end is quick and easy, to get the most value you can use the REST API that is available and integrate it with any in-house technology you like. Our API is available under We also have our OpenAPI spec available under KB API Data CVE…

PRIOn KB – Vulnerability triage made simple


PRIOn Knowledge Base (PRIOn KB) is an online SaaS platform that enables the triaging of publicly disclosed vulnerabilities from the Common Vulnerability Exposure (CVE) program. The main purpose of the PRIOn KB platform is to assist users to analyze and prioritize vulnerabilities, without solely relying on Common Vulnerability Scoring System…

PRIOn Begins – A Powerful VPT Security Technology


PRIOn is a cyber startup company focusing on vulnerability management. It was founded in May by three people, Andreas, Fanis and George. Currently, it is based in Athens, Greece. It was obvious to us, due to our history in the cybersecurity and IT fields respectively, that vulnerability management has a…

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